welcome friends and family

Germaine Cares Foundation wants to help young people within our community and you can help! 

Germaine Dawson was the inspiration of this organization. Germaine graduated from Rockdale High School where he participated in many sports such as football, basketball and baseball. He received many awards for his involvement in sports and went on to become Mr. Rockdale High School during his senior year of high school. He continued his education at University of North Texas where he received a football scholarship and was due to graduate May of 2009. Read more about Germaine here.

Germaine Cares Foundation was founded by TaNisha McKenzie after the loss of her brother Germaine Dawson. Germaine loved working with kids in which he was apart of the local Dallas Boys and Girls Club and he kept in contact with youth within Rockdale, Texas in which he grew up. He had plans to work with youth after graduation and although his life was cut short, TaNisha would like to begin working with youth on his behalf. Read more about Germaine Cares here.

Upcoming Events


Annual Baseball Tournament taking place April in Rockdale, Texas to raise money to provide scholarships to students at Rockdale High School. The Germaine Dawson Scholarship Fund is not associated with Germaine Cares Foundation.


Germaine cares is planning to host a kickball tournament in the Denton, Texas area to raise money to support a school supplies giveaway. we are planning to host this tournament sometime between May- July. if you would like to help Germaine Cares plan this event or raise money please visit our contact page to reach us!


The giveaway is planned to take place in August before the new school year. We are wanting to provide backpacks full of the supplies needed for the school year. We could use your help by donating backpacks and supplies for Elementary school students. If you're interested in becoming involved please visit our contact page

Thank you to those who've supported us, we appreciate you all!